Full Moon in Aries

Mercury in Libra Square Jupiter in Capricorn

Harness intense emotions to drive yourself forward on your current path.

"You're rafting down your emotional river and you just hit white water! Adventurous and intense, you'll feel your emotional reactions quicken and amplify, but then each event will rapidly slide past and be forgotten as you react to the next thing coming your way. 

 You should use the intensity of your feelings to drive you towards where you've been trying to go. You're in white water so it's not a time for major course corrections - use the energy on your current path. 

 This is a time to enjoy life and experience what it offers, and ideally to do so with those who are heading down this emotional river with you. This includes not only your close, inner circle, but also your larger circle of friends, co-workers and acquaintances. 

They have their own emotions that may not be as focused on what yours are at the moment, but remember that what they feel still matters to you. They're in their own raft, having their own adventure, but you're all going down the same river together. It's a shared experience even if they're different. And you want yourself and everyone else all together sharing your adventurous tales when the wild ride's over."