Mercury in Scorpio Opposite Uranus in Taurus

Mercury in Libra Square Jupiter in Capricorn

Convince people to embrace a better way of doing things.

"This is a good time for presenting new ideas for improving the way things are done, most notably in business, household management, and other practical areas where people can sometimes find changes hard to accept. It's a time to get people on-board with the changes and collect commitments. 
Your communications will be more intense than you likely intend which can help you if you're positive and clear, as well as patient with those who may not see the value you're describing as you do. Don't let that intensity of communications amplify a dismissive or slightly derogatory remark into something truly hurtful -- either to their feelings or to the chance of having your ideas accepted. 
This influence combines very well with Venus in Virgo over the next couple of weeks, making it a great time for gaining ground on the business and organizational front. Whether you lead a group, contribute to a volunteer organization, or run a company, this is a beneficial time for convincing people to embrace a new and better way." 
(Note that Mercury is actually Opposite Uranus until the 23rd, but on Oct. 14th it goes retrograde, changing the nature of the aspect. We'll talk about this aspect, and how it changes, again then.)