Enchanted Charts Return Policy

As all our products are in digital format, and many are customized on demand for your order, we do not accept any returns. Also, please make sure you enter any requested information accurately. Typos and spelling mistakes cannot be corrected once the product has been produced.

If we we accidentally send you the wrong item though we'll of course replace it with the one you actually ordered. (No, that hardly ever happens, but every now and then the gremlins come out to play...)

Here are all the details:

If you have notified us of a problem within one week of having received your order, we will re-do your order at our expense for the following situations:

  • We sent you a different image than what you selected.
  • We sent you a different version of the item than what you ordered.

    We will NOT re-do your order at our expense for any other situation. Some examples are:

    • You notify us of a problem eight days or more after receiving the item.
    • You accidentally uploaded or selected an image you didn't intend to.
    • You entered a mis-spelled name, or incorrect birth date, time, or location.
    • Your image doesn't look the way you expected, even though it's been produced properly.
    • You selected a size different than what you actually wanted.
    • You mistakenly selected a different version of an item than what you really wanted to receive.
    • Your image doesn't look like it does on the screen when you have it printed.
    For any problems with one of our products, please contact us via email at support@enchantedcharts.com with the following information:
    • Order number.
    • One or more photos as required to clearly show the issue.
      • And most importantly, your description of the problem in as much detail and with as much information as you can provide.

      We will be in touch with you via email as quickly as we can after receiving your message.

      Sometimes things go wrong, but please know that we will do everything we can to make everyone happy in the end.