The Enchanted Charts Story

When I was born my mother took a piece of fabric and wrote down all the information about my birth. She added a few drawings, framed it, and hung it up.

It was simple, but it was always on our walls wherever we moved, and as I grew older I always appreciated what it represented: caring and belonging.

When I married, and had two children of my own, I wanted the same thing for them. My wife and I purchased “decorative birth certificates” and have had them on the wall ever since they were born.

Over these past few years the kids have enjoyed seeing them up there; reading “their” names, talking about "their" picture and about when they were born. They're young, but they know the significance of something marking the moment they became a part of our family.

I wanted to help create this kind of sentimental keepsake for other families -- for the sense of significance and belonging for the children growing up in these families.

Our products are as much a gift for the children themselves as they are for the parents, and if my family is any kind of example, they will have significance to those who receive them for years to come.

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